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Nonetheless, in the last couple of decades "traditional family values" happen to be encouraged in Russia much milder, which shifted the attitudes of girls towards an even more powerful cult of love and family.

With the rest of the world embracing rainbow unions and feminism, Russian policymakers’ official perspectives are indisputably leaning towards long-established Christian Biblical principles regarding the guy as the head of a household, resulting in his wife and children to wealth and honourable life.

(Don’t ask me, how everything goes together with the infamous Russian guys ‘s cheating and drinking in marriages. I guess it stems in the thought of a guy being inherently fallible and constantly needing to battle his own demons, along with the girl being patient, standing by her man no matter what. Divorcing a partner since he cheated on you’d be viewed as finally eccentric in Russia, because it’s widely recognized that each guy does it — it’d be just like divorcing a husband since he snores. What exactly?)

Russian women are educated at the roles of wife and mother from youth.

The continuous message from college books to advertisements on TV and tales in websites is that a lady can simply find personal happiness for a mother and a spouse. Whatever other joys in life are on the market, they’re portrayed as poor to the joys of marriage and motherhood.

Young Russian girls are so firmly indoctrinated within this cultural paradigm which no truth could violate it. "

Older Russian girls are wiser, with firsthand adventures of failing unions and challenging realities of life as one mom in a society which instills an unmarried female as deficient. They realize that kids and marriage aren’t a panacea for dating russian guys enjoyment — you want the ideal partner for it.

The current Russian government is encouraging households to have minimal 3 kids, at the face of the nation ‘s aging and declining population. But many Russian households dating russian guys still have only 1 kid (the typical amount is 1.6 births per woman, visit Fertility rates in World Data Bank).

This might be the reason divorced women with kids struggle to re-partner, while guys don’t have any difficulty entering a different connection, with so a lot of females looking for a commitment-oriented male.

The new flag of "directly men and women " (instead of gays and lesbians) integrates a girl, a guy, and 3 kids. Alexey Lisovenko in the ruling party United Russia said concerning the launching of this "flag of naturals", "It is our answer to the same-sex unions, this mockery of the idea of family. We must avert the homosexual fever at our house country and encourage traditional values.

In a manner, because it’s difficult for folks to locate fulfilment in their professions (jobs pay very little) or hobbies (which can be costly ), the marketing of fulfilment at a household perfectly matches to the true life experience of Russian ladies. After she’s married, she is able to quit fighting everyday survival (it’s ‘s not a believer, sadly, but a harsh fact of Russian presence ), and abandon it to the husband, who’s formally a supplier by the cultural criteria.

That is the reason a Russian woman believes that her obligation in a union is simply encouraging her spouse, and there’s absolutely not any demand for her to donate herself.

While most Russian ladies work prior marriage, it’s a matter of honor for a guy to have a spouse who stays at home. For the most families, it’s an unachievable fantasy, but when a guy can manage it, then he may ask his wife to quit functioning, and the spouse would gladly obey. If a spouse earns more than a spouse, it might be viewed as improper or incorrect. She’s supposed to forfeit her career and abilities because of her husband’s achievement on the job.

However, for Russian girls it’s the supreme fact.

Marriage responsibilities are observed by Russian girls as a labor of love.

In case you’ve read my previous review , Men in Relationships Are Happier and Healthier, in addition, it contained a passage about data demonstrating that couples having children felt more miserable than those with no kids.

I published a synopsis of the research on the girls ‘s site in Russian too, and boywas it a radical discovery once more.

I’ve been crushed from every possible angle by Russian females (and men ), that indisputably hope that kids can only bring joy for the mommy and earn a union more powerful, and it’s absolutely despicable to consider differently, including any potential and impossible figures.

This is what Russian girls wrote:

Simply speaking, Russian girls think that pleasure is a battle, which ‘s how it supposed to be. In addition they think that just the courtship period of a connection ought to be nice for a female, and the remainder is going to undoubtedly be her making sacrifices to get a husband and kids, which she meekly takes as the sole means to experience the Nirvana of being a Mother. But she won’t be with a kid out of wedlock, since it is not exactly what Nature and God intended for her.

Russian ladies think, "Marriage and children make you more happy. "

From the western paradigm, joy is a joy, but not at the Russian Christian heritage. The Russian Orthodox Church teaches women that "God suffered, so will we", which she must stick with her guy, irrespective of his virtues or flaws.

Possessing a private opinion opposing that standard is unacceptable for a girl dating russian guys. You’ll be regarded as a barbarous personage that doesn’t enjoy kittens and babies dating russian guys. Not just that, an indifferent attitude or performing something that’s seen as improper may lead to a significant problem to get a woman.

"Yes, family is tough and a great deal of work, however that is exactly what happiness means", which ‘s the epitome of believing of Russian girls about marriage and children.